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      Ma'anshan Tianjun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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      Ma'anshan Tianjun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.was founded in 2005,specializing in rail transport wheel production The company integrates R&D,production,sales,technology,warehouse and logistics,as one of the state-level High-tech enterprises.


      The company has five series of products,such as wheels,tyres,ring parts,axles and wheelsets.The main products including resilient wheels,industrial and mining wheels,metro wheels,passenger car wheels,locomotive wheels,freight car wheels,high Speed train wheels.Meanwhile,Maanshan Tianjun is engaged in selling other railway products like bogies,couplers,rails and fasteners.The company has established a set of management system inlcuding product development,design,production process control,quality inspection,after-sales service.It has passed the IS09001 quality management system and several product ce rtifications.Product performance is Superior.covering a wide range.The products are exported to Germany,USA,South Africa,Turkey,India,Mexico,Denmark,Netherlands and other countries and regions,with strong market competitiveness.


      Ma'anshan Tianjun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. owns 8 invention patents and 10 utility model patents. It has won the Maanshan intellectual property pilot enterprise, small giant enterprise, participating in and forming the"Maanshan Rail transit wheel processing Engineering Technology Research Center, establishing"Anhui Universit of Technology, Maanshan Industrial Research institute: Rail Wheel Processing Technology R&D Base. "The company has built good cooperation relationship with Masteel, CRRC, Taiyuan Heavy Industry Company, Jinxi Axle, Pangang and other well-known domestic enterprises to establish joint strategic Research and development, promote the upgrading of industrial technology, and strive to become a well-known brand in the field of rail transport.